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WoTuPro: Trip to the BLOB-BASE at Lake Dutenhofen

Gießen is ugly and there is nothing to do? Well, wrong!


04.06.2016 von 13:00 bis 18:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


Bahnhofsvorplatz Gießen

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If you think so you should really come with us to lake Dutenhofen! Not only beachvolleyball field, the lake, and a little beach are great but the topping is our target that day: the BLOBBASE! Good fun for everyone and even if you don't want to jump you can still hang out with us at the lake. If you want more information you best watch the clips you find on the internet by searching "Blobbase Dutenhofen".

We will get to Dutenhofen in 5 min by train and walk the rest 20min. Please sign in on time so I can make a group reservation.