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Written part & submission of the written thesis

Period of processing

six months (workload 720 hours)


The layout shall be designed in consultation with the supervisors. The JLU Logo may be used for the master theses of JLU students.

Avoiding plagiarism and fraud during scientific writing

Before you start working on your thesis please inform yourself about how to use sources and how to cite properly.

On the >> JLU website (German language) you will find information on academic work, tips on how to avoid plagiarism and fraud, and sanctions applicable at JLU in the event of plagiarism and fraud during studies.

Download Information Leaflet Good academic writing instead of plagiarism and fraud

Submission of the written thesis

Upon submission of the paper, the examinee must assure that the paper was written independently, that all sources and tools used are indicated in the paper and that a check using anti-plagiarism software is tolerated. All parts of the work which have been taken literally or analogously from publications or other external communications must be individually marked as such. Furthermore, it must be declared that the work has not yet been used as an examination paper in another course of study.

Download Declaration of Authorship

The thesis must be handed in to the supervisor within the deadline:
1. including the signed Declaration of Authorship
2. as hardcopy and in electronically searchable form according to the supervisor's specifications

To meet the deadline, the thesis can be personally submitted to the supervisor. It is also sufficient to send the thesis by post; the postmark is sufficient proof, so please keep the deposit receipt. Timely submission of the electronic or hard copy version is also sufficient to meet the deadline, provided that the missing version is submitted within the next two weeks.

The submission date must be recorded by the supervisor.
If the work is not handed in on time, it will be considered "insufficient" (failed)


The assessment must be made no later than six weeks after submission.The grade of the written part is the arithmetic mean of both assessments. If the written part was graded at least sufficient, the main results of the work must be presented in a colloquium.