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University collections are an integral part of research and teaching and are part of the scientific research infrastructure. At Justus Liebig University there are more than 50 collections focused on very different things. They are used for subject-specific education and continuously stimulate new research questions. JLU's collections convey tangible value and represent individual disciplines. As part of the university's institutional memory, they store its cultural heritage and embody a crucial part of its scientific history. The objects in the collection convey knowledge in a lively manner and, due to their diversity, also resonate strongly outside the university. JLU's collections therefore play an important role as intermediaries between academics and the public.

Overview of all JLU Giessen Collections

Current events
Hermann Hoffmann Academy as a 3-D Scan
The Hermann Hoffmann Academy of JLU now exists as a 3-D scan in the science spaces of 'Hessen Creates Knowledge'.
Sachverstand in Uniforum
The 2nd issue of Uniforum in 2022 reports on the illustrated book 'Sachverstand', which presents 21 collections.
Our illustrated book is out!
Ancient sculptures, corals, bone preparations, historical surveying instruments, orthopedic horseshoes, and much more. There are more than 50 collections and media libraries at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU).
New Virtual Exhibit
Project work from the seminar 'Knowledge Transfer: Exhibiting Academic Objects from JLU's Collections' in the winter semester
2021 Award for Theses on the History of Justus Liebig University Giessen
The award of 2,000 euros for theses on the history of Justus Liebig University Giessen
Tracking Geomatics
In the new issue of the Giessen University Gazette, Robert Wolff follows the trail of an historical surveying instrument from the Geomatics Cabinet of the University of Giessen.
AG3D - 3D Digital Conversion of Academic Specimens
AG3D networks people throughout Germany who are involved in 3D digital conversions of collection specimens.
The Collections of the University of Giessen
In the 53rd issue of the Giessen University Gazette, collections coordinator Dr. Alissa Theiss reports on JLU's diverse collections and their eventful history.
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Press Reviews
Current articles on JLU collections
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Dr. Alissa Theiss

Collection coordination officer
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35390 Giessen
Room 119
Telephone +49 641 99-12076

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