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Collections of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Antiquities Collection

The collection of over 5,000 specimens covers a broad spectrum and includes, in addition to the large coin collection, primarily antique vases from various periods and artistic landscapes, Greek and Roman terracottas, Etruscan body part votives, and Roman glass.

Education Workshop

The education workshop with a Montessori collection is designed as a permanent working and learning environment for the study program 'Childhood Education'. It is used for seminars, research projects, and self-study.

History Education Collection

The chair owns an extensive collection of historical educational media for teaching history. It contains various formats: films, audio tapes, slide series, murals, and history wall maps. Moreover, there is a large stock of textbooks.

Home Ecology Collection

This teaching collection includes object and picture cards on the subject of housing formats with more than 4,000 photos. It is used to understand the motivations of housing, to research them scientifically, and to improve current housing conditions.

Learning Disability Education

Learning workshop of the Institute of Special Needs Education and Inclusive Education (IFIB)

Media Library of Applied Theater Studies

The collection includes videos and DVDs, which can be viewed during the opening hours of the institute at Gutenbergstrasse 6. Borrowing is generally not possible since all available media are reference stock. The stock of the media library is listed in the OPAC of the library system of JLU and can be searched there.

Musicology Media Library

The media library of the Institute of Musicology and Music Education offers an extensive collection of sound recordings, videos, and sheet music that can be used on site.

PC and Console Collection at ZMI

At ZMI there is a small collection of historic computers and gaming consoles from the 1980s and '90s.

Seal Collection

This collection in the Department of History belongs to the two chairs of Medieval History and Comparative German Regional History. It includes about 60 casts and reproductions of medieval seals that were used to authenticate documents.

Specialized Journalism History: Media Library

Media library on the history of specialized journalism—film and television database

Speech Therapy Education: Remedial Workshop

Used in research and teaching. The materials are recorded in a database.

Toy and Craft Collection

Since the collection contains not only classic toys and board games but also paints, modeling clay, and other materials, the name 'toy and CRAFT collection' was chosen. This is one of the very few university collections that even has toys, and it was considered the largest in the FRG.