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General Information

You will find all events and the current programme of the Orientation Week (StEW), the Master Orientation Days (StET) as well as of the InfoTisch for international students on the platform in due time!


Orientation week for international students (InfoTisch): 10-14 October 2022


Orientation week for all first semester students (StEW): 4-14 October 2022  


Master Orientation Days (StET): 13-14 October 2022 

Entry to Germany

International students, doctoral candidates and researchers can generally enter Germany during the Corona Pandemic. Depending on the country of origin and country of entry, specific requirements and regulations may have to be observed. If applicable, formal ties to JLU must be proven by a certificate of study or an admission agreement. Important information for your entry to Germany we have put together for you on the following pages. Please

 Necessary Visits to the Authorities

Before you come to Germany and shortly after your arrival in Giessen, you will need to deal with a few administrative formalities in order for you to be able to concentrate fully on your studies. The information we have put together for you on the following pages should be read very carefully, and you should ensure that you start preparing well in advance for your stay at JLU Giessen.


Living Expenses

Currently, you have to expect costs of at least €861 per month in Germany. The sum is expected to be adjusted to approx. 930€ per month from 1 October 2022.  The funding of your studies (personal funding, scholarships, etc.) has to be ensured before you start studying here. Students from non-EU countries will need an official statement that they have sufficient financial resources (e.g. a blocked account in Germany or a scholarship certificate of a public scholarship). We will assist you personally if any problems arise in this area. Before you enrol at JLU Giessen, we strongly advise you to get a German statutory student health insurance (approx. € 110 per month). The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card) is sufficient for students from EU countries.



Please try to organise your accommodation in Giessen as soon as possible.


Student ID Card and Semester Ticket

After successful enrolment, you will receive your preliminary student ID card. You will get your permanent student ID card later. You will find more information on the student ID card on the website of the Central Student Advisory Office.

The semester ticket is part of your student ID card (costs are included in the semester contribution) and is valid for one semester. You can travel around in nearly the whole Federal State of Hesse (all parts served by RMV and NVV) – as long as you use regional trains, trams, buses, and the underground (your ticket is not valid on fast IC, EC or ICE trains). You will find an overview of the area of validity of your semester ticket on the website of the AStA.


Language Courses

The International Office of JLU Giessen offers German classes from absolute beginner to DSH-level.

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to learn other foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.) at the “Zentrum für fremdsprachliche und berufsfeldorientierte Kompetenzen” (ZfbK).


International Calendar

During your studies, the International Office offers various digital workshops, information sessions and cultural events. The dates will be announced in the International Calendar.




General Counselling of International Students and Student Applicants

Patrycja Zakrzewska

Goethestrasse 58, room 38

Office hours

Phone: +49 (0)641 99 12143/-12174



Application, Admission and Enrolment of International Students

Katarzyna Smolka and Sandra Wobisch

Goethestrasse 58, room 7

Office hours

Phone: +49 (0)641 99 16400 (via Call Justus)