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International organizations’ policies and mechanisms of conflict management in comparative perspective: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova


This project is part of the research consortium “Conflict Regions in Eastern Europe” [see here], funded by the State of Hessen under the "State Offensive to Develop Academic-Economic Excellence" (Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz, or LOEWE).


Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have been intensifying their integration policies with European and Euro-Atlantic structures since the Russian annexation of Crimea. All three face territorial conflicts accentuated by Russia’s involvement: as Georgia is confronted by Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Moldova faces the breakaway Transnistrian Republic, and Ukraine grapples with war in its Donbass region. As a reaction to the perceived threat to their sovereignty, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are working to build closer relations with western-led institutions like the EU and the NATO. In addition, further international actors, especially the OSCE and to a limited degree the Council of Europe, seek to augment conflict management efforts in the South Caucasus and Eastern European region.


While international conflict management strategies in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine have attracted considerable scholarly attention, the potential effect of the international integration paths on the conflicts per se has often been overlooked in the literature. These deeper regional integration processes in international organizations are accompanied by the distinctive societal polarisations of identity forging, further complicating the efforts of international actors in these countries.


Against this backdrop, the aims of this project are following:

  1. The development of analytical frameworks for a profounder understanding of the nexus of international integration policies/international compliance policies and international conflict management strategies for territorial conflicts;
  2. The development of analytical approaches, which help to evaluate cooperation and competition between international actors, which are engaged in the management of territorial conflicts;
  3. An empirical application of the analytical frameworks to the cases of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and to the strategies pursued by the EU, the NATO, the Council of Europe and the OSCE towards these three countries.


The project will run for four years from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2020

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Andrea Gawrich

Researchers: Dr. Farid Guliyev

Past researchers: Dr. Vera Axyonova, Dr. Lusine Badalyan, Dr. Alla Leukavets

Student assistants: Momo Matern, Lea Konrad, Finn Freund



Project publications


Farid Guliyev & Andrea Gawrich (2020): NATO vs. the CSTO: security threat perceptions and responses to secessionist conflicts in Eurasia, Post-Communist Economies.



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Conference papers


Gawrich, Andrea, Badalyan, Lusine & Axyonova, Vera (2019) Effects of Critical Junctures on Inter-Organizational Relations: The Case of the EU-OSCE Interactions in Providing Regional Security, ISA Annual Convention, Toronto, 27-28.3.2019.


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