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PI Seminar Talks

PI Seminar Talks

Cornelia Kilchert (04.05.2021)
In vivo RNA labelling

Albrecht Bindereif (23.03.2021)
Circular RNAs: finding new functions

Andre Schneider (09.03.2021)
Dual roles of the RNA binding protein RBPMS in the heart

Michael Niepmann (01.03.2021)
Investigation of RNA plus strand virus replication using specialized replicon constructs: how to get rid of the DNA template used for in vitro-transcription of replicon RNAs

Thomas Boettger (12.01.2021)
Physiological functions of mammalian non-coding RNAs

Roland Hartmann (01.12.2020)
6S RNA riboregulators of bacterial RNA polymerases

Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg (17.11.2020)
Tryptophan as prosperity signal in E. coli

Peter Friedhoff (13.10.2020)
R-loops and old /new functions of the helicase DDX39b

Oliver Rossbach (06.10.2020)
Synthetic circular RNA sponges targeting miR-21 enhance tumor suppressor expression and impair tumor growth in mice

Roland Hartmann (11.02.2020)
Effects of 6S RNA knockouts in a Bacillus subtilis wild-type strain

Gabriele Klug (14.01.2020)
RNase E cleavage shapes the transcriptome of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Thomas Böttger (03.12.2019)
The size of the muscle stem cell pool is controlled by a lncRNA

Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg (05.11.2019)
Posttranscriptional regulation of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Peter Friedhoff (22.10.2019)
Machines on genes - modes of communication

Aline Koch (18.06.2019)
Processing, translocation and uptake of non-coding RNAs during RNA silencing-mediated plant protection technologies

Oliver Rossbach (04.06.2019)
Analysis of the cellular innate immune response triggered by artificial circular RNA transfection

Albrecht Bindereif (21.05.2019)
Combinatorial RNA recognition by multidomain RNA-binding proteins

Cornelia Kilchert (07.05.2019)
Of RNA-binding proteins in S. pombe

Karl-Heinz Kogel (23.04.2019)
Potential for dsRNA-based management of plant diseases

Michael Niepmann (09.04.2019)
Hepatitis C virus replication

Katja Sträßer (26.03.2019)
Nuclear mRNP formation and export

Roland Hartmann (12.03.2019)
Regulation of transcription by two 6S RNA paralogs in Bacillus subtilis

Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg (27.11.2018)
Small coding RNAs in Alphaproteobacteria

Peter Friedhoff (13.11.2018)
Machines on genes - mechanistic fluorescence and crosslinking-based studies

Aline Koch (30.10.2018)
Towards an RNAi-based control of plant diseases: Research into its mechanistic basis

Cornelia Kilchert (16.10.2018)
Nuclear RNA surveillance by the RNA exosome complex

Oliver Rossbach (25.09.2018)
Analysis of protein-RNA interactions using iCLIP & circular RNA sponges as a novel tool in molecular biology and medicine