Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Retreat (2021)

RTG Retreat, Hotel Steinsgarten, Giessen

November 11, 2021

This was the first time since the pandemic outbreak in March 2020, that all RTG members met together again for a retreat event. The program included 12 PI-talks and a poster session, where all Ph.D. students presented the status of their projects. The main purpose was for our second-generation Ph.D. students to get to know each other and to obtain an overview on all other students’ projects and the research foci in the RTG group.

RTG-PI talks

Albrecht Bindereif
Non-coding RNAs & RNA-dependent protein complexes in cancer

Oliver Roßbach
Analysis of RNA-protein interactions by iCLIP and artificial circular RNAs targeting miRNAs as molecular tool

Andre Schneider
Emerging roles of RNA binding proteins in the cardiovascular system

Alexander Goesmann
NFDI - Nationale Forschungsdaten Infrastruktur (National Research Data Infrastructure)

Karl-Heinz Kogel
The role of small RNAs in the establishment of mutualism

Michael Niepmann
Control of Hepatitis C Virus replication by viral and cellular factors

Roland Hartmann
Regulation of bacterial RNA polymerase activity and gene expression by 6S RNAs

Gabriele Klug
New turns in RNA processing and maturation in bacteria

Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg
Novel mechanisms of the trp attenuator and its sRNA and peptide products

Katja Sträßer
mRNP Biogenesis in the Nucleus: Co-Transcriptional Packaging and Nuclear mRNA Export

Cornelia Kilchert
Studying RNA-protein interactions in S. pombe

Peter Friedhoff
Tools to study nucleic acid remodelling in vitro