Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Funds by the Chemistry Industry

The most important criterion: quality. This is why the association of the chemical industry supports excellent junior researchers, projects with high standards and assists schools in improving the lessons.

The assosication of the chemical industry provides various sponsorships with different requirements. All scholarships expect the following to be eligible for funds:

  • German or EU citizenship (some alsoinclude international students)
  • outstanding academic performance
  • short duration of studies

The application has to include the following:

  • A letter of recommendation by the university teacher supervising the diploma/master thesis and a letter of recommendation from another university teacher able to adequately assess the candidate on the basis of the candidate's performance during university training (academic achievement and character)
  • Statement of reasons for relocation (possiblyalsochange in specialization)
  • Subject of and work plan for the
  • PhD thesis [summary and objectives (1 page), introduction with citations/ current status of research, planned experiments (5- 7 pages), time schedule (spreadsheet, 1 page)]- to be elaborated by the PhD candidate
  • Certificate of university degree with individual grades
  • 3 copies- in paper form- of the diploma/ master thesis (returned after appraisal) and electronic version (pdf - file up to 10 MB) via email to
  • Completed personal data application form (available on request from Dr. Stefanie Kiefer )
  • CV in tabular form, list of publications (if applicable)


For detailed information about all the sponsorships like the amount of the payment etc., see the website!

Chemistry funds- Sponsorship

Chemistry students (or of a related field) are supported by this fund. The request has to be submitted by the supervisor of the dissertation.

Only complete applications will be considered:

Deadlines are: March 1st, July 1st and November 1st of every year.

Hoechst PhD Sponsorship

In cooperation with Aventis foundation this sponsorship is awarded once a year for the dissertation in Biochemistry, Pharma or Life Sciences Doktorarbeit in den Bereichen Biochemie, Pharma oder Life Sciences

Please note that applications can be considered only after all required documents have been submitted.

Deadlines are: March 1st, July 1st and November 1st of every year.

Kekulé Sponsorship

The Kekulé sponsorships supports doctoral students in the faculty of chemistry or a related field, who change University between academic studies and conferral of a doctorate. Applicant is the doctoral student.

Applications must be made by the candidate directly to Stiftung Stipendien- Fonds.
Applications can be made at any time.
Please note that applications can be considered only after all required documents have been submitted to the Secretariat of Stiftung Stipendien- Fonds.


The Liebig sponsorship is supposed to support the start in the academic career in chemistry.

The purpose of the sponsorship is to give PostDocs of Chemistry and related field, the oportunity to achieve a further academic qualification. 

Stipendium für Lehramts-Kandidaten Sekundarstufe II (only German citizens)

Ziel der Vergabe ist eine verstärkte Wahl des Faches Chemie für die Anfertigung der 1.Staatsexamensarbeit.
  • Deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit
  • Gesamturteil aller vorliegenden Noten im Fach Chemie von mindestens „gut“ (2,0)
  • Anfertigung einer Staatsexamensarbeit im Fach Chemie von Bewerbern für das höhere Lehramt
  • Anfertigung der Staatsexamensarbeit im Falle des Zweifachstudiums spätestens im 9. Semester, bei Bachelor / Masterstudiengang im 10. Semester
  • Beantragung spätestens bei Beginn der Staatsexamensarbeit
Antragsteller ist der Hochschullehrer. Als Bewerbungsunterlagen sind einzureichen:
  • Gutachten des Hochschullehrers, der die Durchführung der Staatsexamensarbeit betreut
  • Thema und Arbeitsplan der Staatsexamensarbeit (Einleitung mit Literaturstellen, Ziele und geplante Experimente - insgesamt zwei bis drei Seiten -, Zeitplan maximal eine Seite)
  • Angaben des Hochschullehrers über die bisher erzielten Einzelnoten des Lehramtskandidaten im Fach Chemie (entsprechend Anlage zum Personalfragebogen)
  • ausgefüllter Personalfragebogen (entsprechend Anlage) mit tabellarischem Lebenslauf
Anträge können nur bearbeitet werden, wenn der Geschäftsstelle alle Bewerbungsunterlagen vollständig vorliegen.

Anträge können jederzeit gestellt werden!