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Human Rights Discourse in Migration Societies (MeDiMi, working group)

Mission Statement

Whether in the legal system, in political or in everyday sociocultural contexts – human rights play an increasingly important role in the perception and attitudes of actors  in migration societies. This “human-right-ization” (“Vermenschenrechtlichung”) of migration discourses and the reference to human rights norms in these contexts are central starting points for the GGS working group “Human Rights Discourse in Migration Societies.”

The working group analyses discursive human rights practices in migration societies on an interdisciplinary level and thus creates an innovative and interdisciplinary research focus. At the same time, it strives for qualified education and training (qualification), scientific exchange (networking) and an intensive research dialogue (research).

The section creates essential structures that, on the one hand, act as a network for researchers and junior researchers, but also support and encourage independent research activities. In the working group, we aim to introduce and exchange various topics and methods that generate a basic understanding of human rights discourses and practices in migration societies. Here, a focus is placed on creating awareness of human rights discourses and practices, which contributes to the development of our respective projects, and makes them visible within and outside the university context. An interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and sustainable exchange between PhD students, postdocs and other experts will be emphasized.

In essence, the GGS section/working group reflects the interdisciplinary DFG research group “Human Rights Discourse in Migration Societies” at the level of junior researchers (doctoral students and postdocs). The interdisciplinary DFG joint project focuses on the scope, forms and consequences of the advance of human rights discourses in migration societies. Legal, social science, and cultural studies analyses form the empirical basis for a theory of migration-social discourse practice and thus enable a new understanding of the role of human rights in contemporary – especially European – societies.

We welcome all those who are interested and situate their research in the context of human rights discourses and practices in migration societies.