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PhD Students / Projects

Corinna Ulshöfer (since 07/2018)

IMP3 – endogenous function and circRNA sponging

Christina Pfafenrot (since 07/2018)

Design and application of small circular RNAs with antisense function

Julian Grützner (since 07/2018)

Role of sRNAs in RNA processing and turn-over and in cell division in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Jana C. Wiegard (since 07/2018)

Mechanistic investigation and metabolism of the two non-coding 6S-1 and 6S-2 RNAs of Bacillus subtilis

Daniel-Timon Spanka (since 07/2018)

Maturation of sRNA from 5´and 3´UTRs

Patrick Barth (since 07/2018)

Scalable bioinformatics workflows for automated RNA-based sequence data processing: Implementation of bioinformatics workflows as scale-out solutions in Cloud computing environments

Matthias Miosga (since 07/2018)

Function of the RNA helicase Sub2 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: mechanistic FRET- and crosslinking-based studies

Shan Lin (since 07/2018)

RNA-binding proteins RBPMS and RBPMS2 regulate cardiomyocyte maturation by dominating alternative splicing

Marie Mosbach (since 08/2018)

Specificity determinants for RNA release into extracellular vesicles

Janina Breuer (since 08/2018)

Artificial circular RNA sponges as a novel tool in molecular biology and medicine

Philip Fleischhauer (since 08/2018)

Novel regulators of exosome function in S. pombe

Francisca Nana Amoah (since 08/2018)

Functional characterization of the nuclear RNA-binding proteins Tho1 and Sub2 in nuclear mRNP biogenesis

Robina Scheuer (since 09/2018)

Posttranscriptional regulation of SAM in Sinorhizobium meliloti

M. Amri C. Schlüter (since 09/2018)

Analysis of the global transcriptional control by the 6S-1 and 6S-2 RNAs in the undomesticated Bacillus subtilis wildtype strain NCIB 3610

Dimitar Nachev (since 09/2018)

Regulation of Mengovirus RNA genome translation and replication by glycyl-tRNA-synthetase

Yvonne Eibach (since 10/2018)

Regulatory functions of RNA-binding proteins in RNP granules (stress granules & P-bodies) in the cardiovascular system

Timo Schlemmer (since 10/2018)

Towards an RNAi-based control of plant diseases: research into its mechanistic basis

Ebru Aydin (since 11/2018)

Regulation of the essential DEAD-box RNA-RNP remodelling helicase Dbp2 in S. pombe

Theresa Gerhardt (since 01/2020)

Function and mechanism of lncRNAs in the cardiovascular system

Jennifer Kothe (since 04/2021)

Structure of ARNPs

Laura Henke-Schulz (since 04/2021)

Function of Tho1 Prp19C and Msl5-Mud2 in transcription and mRNP assembly

Jonas Kretz (since 07/2021)

Characterisation of a class two type VI CRISPR-Cas system in Rhodobacter capsulatus (the Cas protein of this system, Cas13a, is an RNase)

Sophie Stebel (since 07/2021)

Circular RNAs as antiviral agents and their recognition by the cellular innate immune system

Daniel Bauer (since 07/2021)

Functional analysis of the RNA helicase Sub2/UAP56 and its interaction partner Tho1/SARNP in vivo

Katharina Maria Henrich (since 07/2021)

Molecular mechanism of Sub2 and Tho1 in mRNP formation and R-loop prevention

Ahmad Altoun (since 07/2021)

Molecular interactions of the non-coding 6S-1 and 6S-2 RNAs with Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase


Dr. Hendrik Melior (07/2018 – 11/2021)

Multifunctionality of bacterial 5’-UTRs: trans-acting products of transcription attenuation in bacteria

Alix Hallmann (07/2018 – 12/2019, maternity leave)

Functional analysis of lncRNAs in muscle stem cells and the heart

Birte Bücker-Keil (07/2018 – 02/2021)

Function of the nuclear mRNA-binding protein Tho1 in the recruitment of other mRNA-binding proteins to transcribed genes