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DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

There are numerous funding opportunities for foreign doctoral candidates in Germany. The DAAD is Germany’s largest scholarship provider – especially to doctoral candidates from abroad. Just last year, the DAAD awarded scholarships to more than 2,900 international PhD students in Germany. There are numerous foundations and other funding and research or-ganisations which also support and finance highly-qualified foreign doctoral candidates.

In cooperation with other institutions, the DAAD offers various sources to find funding for your next step in your career.

The following websites will give you a wide range of different oportunities on how to fund your research, studies etc.


  • DAAD scholarship database:
    • offers various kinds of scholarships foreign students, graduates and Post Docs
    • website
  • Reasearch in Germany:
  • Funding for PhD students:
    • funding database
    • funding programmes
    • funding organisations
    • website