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Johannes Hübner Foundation

Research and development are important factors of an ongoing progress. To support these factors and to ensure a worth living future for the next generations, the Johannes Huebner foundation encourages and emphasizes the importance of supporting research and development.

The foundation was established in october 2003 by the founder Olga Riedl-Hübner. He empahsizes his desire to constantly support research and develpment financially.

Support is given to technical and natural scientific Universities in Germany, especialy in Hesse. Also individuals who work on a research project or a conferral of a doctorate at a german University are eligible for getting support. International students are eligible for funds too.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Application process:

  • Applications have to be submitted in German
  • The document "Fördervoranfrage" (promotion request) has to be filled out and handed in first
  • After evaluating the "Fördervoranfrage" (promotion request) the applicants will be informed if a detailed application can be submitted. 


For further details see the Johannes Hübner website.