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General: What are the technical requirements for using BBB?

  • BigBlueButton only works in the browser, there is (currently) no app.
  • We recommend Google Chrome (or Chromium / the new Microsoft Edge Chromium) or Mozilla Firefox as browsers on all platforms. On the iPhone and iPad, Safari must be used, but splitting the screen and activating the virtual background are not possible there, just as on Android mobile devices. Microsoft Internet Explorer and older Edge versions are not supported. 
  • Browser extensions (e.g. ad blockers) can cause problems. Please deactivate them in case of technical difficulties.
  • To be able to transfer your screen (desktop sharing), you should use Google Chrome and have a high-performance internet connection. We also recommend that moderators and presenters use a wired network (no WLAN).

Further requirements and notes:

  • Requirements for event organisers: Central HRZ user account, PC/laptop with current browser (recommended: Chrome, Chromium or Firefox), webcam and headset (or loudspeaker and microphone).
  • Requirements for participants: If used via Stud.IP and ILIAS, an HRZ user account is required; if invited via e-mail, no HRZ user account is required for participation, PC/laptop or smartphone/tablet with current browser (recommended: Chrome, Chromium or Firefox) as well as headset (or loudspeaker and microphone), webcam if applicable.
  • Please make sure that no application tries to access the camera/microphone/headset/speaker in parallel. Please close these applications and do not operate comparable services in parallel in other browsers that access the camera/microphone/speaker/headset.
  • If you want to use an iPad or another tablet with a stylus with the digital whiteboard, you can switch the whiteboard to "multi-user" and join the session with the iPad as the second user.