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Registration: Why can't a person join a meeting?

  • Is the correct browser being used?
    • Attention: Only Chrome and Firefox are officially supported. Functioning in Safari or other browsers cannot be guaranteed.
  • Is a correct link to the meeting entry being used?
    • It can happen that a wrong link is shared by mistake, for example because you have created several rooms in BBB.
    • When sending an invitation link: It is also possible that the link was not copied completely or that e-mail programmes wrap the link so that it is not copied completely in the browser.
  • Other problems: Often a reload of the page, a restart of the browser as well as clearing the cache and deleting the cookies will help. Please make sure to use the latest version of the browser you are using!
    • Disable VPN if it is currently in use and try connecting to the web conference again.
    • Check your firewall settings if you are using a personal firewall.

Source: ILIAS learning module "Information and learning videos about BigBlueButton".