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Error: When I create group rooms (breakout rooms), the participants are not automatically assigned to the rooms.

If the participants of a meeting are not automatically assigned to a group room, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Participants have moderator rights.

You can recognise this by the square icons in the participant list. 
The automatic assignment only works with persons who only have participant rights. This can be recognised by the round participant icons. Moderator rights completely override the function, as moderators are able to switch freely between all rooms and thus, for example, supervise group work in several rooms.

  • The option "Allow participants to choose their own group room" is activated.

Make sure that this option is not enabled in the Group Rooms dialogue box. By default, this option is disabled.

  • The change does not happen automatically or individual participants do not find the group room.

In order to change the room, in BBB the individual persons must first confirm a dialogue box before they are forwarded to the group room. The change itself does not happen completely automatically as it does in Webex or Zoom, but only after active consent by the participants.

The dialogue box appears after you, as the group leader, have clicked on "Create" in the group rooms dialogue box. If individual participants have not agreed here, they must register themselves in the room via the participant list.