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Funcition: How can I report missing/wanted features?

BigBlueButton (BBB) is an OpenSource software. The development of BBB is organized by a core developer team from the developer community (see also BigBlueButton Development Process).
20 German universities have joined forces through the ZKI association to coordinate academic needs for BBB. Through crowdfunding, development capacity for the needs of German universities is being created at Blindside Networks Inc. Much has already been incorporated into the current version 2.4. The following document gives an overview:
Among other things, it is also noted there that work is being done on an iOS app that will enable screen sharing.
You can also find out about the latest BBB developments on the What's new? page. Currently, new versions are released after about 6 months. The next update to version 2.5 is expected to be during the semester break between SoSe 22 and WiSe 22/23.
The JLU uses the BBB installation of the Philipps-Universität Marburg. The University of Marburg is involved in the above-mentioned crowdfunding initiative of the ZKI association, so that we can also pass on functional enhancements and changes via the University of Marburg. These will then be evaluated and prioritized in the consortium of 20 universities as described above.
Please report your change and extension requests via the e-mail address