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Function: What is a "waiting room" and how can I set it up in BBB?

A waiting room can be set up, for example, to admit students one at a time to a virtual consultation. They are in a queue before being admitted.
If you have set the default setting "Approval by the moderator before the room can be entered" via webconf or "Participation must be confirmed by the moderator" in Stud.IP under data protection settings. a queue is created during the use of the room and you can admit the waiting participants. This can be done in order of appearance or by name.

As soon as the first person enters the waiting room, you will see the waiting room above the list of participants and you can open it. There you have the possibility to set an individual notification for the page that the waiting people see. This individual message will be displayed for new waiting people after a few seconds. Before that, there is the standard text "Please wait until a moderator releases your participation in the conference.".
Information on how to set up a consultation with a queue or waiting room can be found on the Philipps Universität Marburg website: Counselling at a Distance - Planning and Conducting Consultation Hours.