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Registration: How can I prevent third-party interference in web conferences ("zoom bombing")?

  1. In the teaching context: If possible, use BBB via Stud.IP or ILIAS.
  2. Do not share the link to the meeting/BBB room publicly, but only send it after registration (e.g. by e-mail).
  3. Always provide meetings/BBB rooms with an access code. You can also change this access code after each meeting and send it out again to limit the distribution of the access code.
  4. Use waiting rooms or the function that each joining of a BBB room must be confirmed in advance by the person administering the room. This can be done in the BBB settings.
  5. Screen sharing is only for meeting moderation - please make sure to give these rights to selected persons only.
  6. For webinars or larger events: Allow only the moderation to activate the microphone; or automatically mute the participants. To do this, left-click on the symbol of the person in the participant overview whom you want to mute. Then select "Mute participants".
  7. You can remove persons from ongoing video conferences (rejoining possible) or ban them (permanent exclusion of this account). To do this, left-click on the symbol of the person you want to remove in the participant overview. Then select "Remove participant". To prevent removed participants from entering the room again, select the box with the option "Block participant" and confirm your entry.