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Registration: Can I join a web conference by phone?

Yes, dial-in is possible, but should only be used to connect individual participants without an internet connection or to enable participation at short notice in an emergency, e.g. if the audio connection via the browser cannot be established for technical reasons.
Dial-in to a web conference by telephone is via a telephone number in the local network. The dial-in number and PIN are displayed in the public chat area after the room has been started.

Please also note the following information:

  1. Only after starting a room is it known which call number and PIN are necessary for successful dial-in. If the room/conference is closed, the dial-in data is also invalid. It is therefore not possible to send the participants the telephone dial-in data in advance.
  2. For a successful dial-in, at least one other person must be present in the conference room and connected by audio via the browser.
  3. If telephone participants are muted by the moderator, only the participants themselves can unmute them by pressing the number "0" on the telephone.
  4. To switch to a break-out room, it is necessary to dial in again using the telephone number of the main room. The respective PIN is displayed in the public chat of the break-out room.