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Accessibility: How accessible is BigBlueButton?

BBB achieves Level AA of WCAG 2.0. This review and our own tests have revealed the following limitations:

  • In some circumstances, there may be barriers when entering the room, e.g. due to inaccessible browser security warnings.
  • The presentations and documents shown cannot be shown barrier-free via the presentation mode. They must be designed according to accessibility rules and otherwise made accessible to students.
  • The "shared notes" window can be used with assistive technologies in a limited way. However, this requires small-step moderation and longer editing times, because screen readers, for example, immediately jump into editing mode and any changes are directly online. Text mark-ups can be made using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts, but the user's own and other people's formatting is not perceptible (only the text is reproduced).
  • The subtitle function is only accessible to a limited extent.
  • The help is not accessible.

Visual impairment: BBB supports screen readers.

Hearing impairment: The function Write subtitles can be found in the participants' menu. The language for subtitles can also be created there.

Please also note the Quick guide of the University of Marburg for teachers with recommendations on how to reduce barriers in online courses.

You can find more information here: