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Renewable Raw Materials and Bioresources

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)- Introduction in winter semester 2020/21




The world population is growing faster and faster. Natural resources such as soil, water and air are becoming increasingly scarce. In addition there are the consequences of climate change. Forward-looking concepts for the sustainable conversion of existing resources and the development of new types of raw material deposits are more in demand than ever.
The Bachelor's programme "Renewable Raw Materials and Bioresources" provides students with a broad research and application-oriented basic technical knowledge as well as practice-oriented knowledge in the fields of bioresources and renewable raw materials. Students understand the value of natural resources (soil, water, plants, animals), know their significance for a bio-economic society and are able to explore their utilisation potential and implement it in practice within the framework of a sustainable bio-economy.

What you should bring

The interdisciplinary programme requires students to be flexible and interested in scientific, economic, technological and social science issues, methods and ways of thinking.



since June 22, 2021

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme


6 semesters - 180 credit points (CP)

Composition of the study programme

The course content is divided into modules, each module has a scope of four semester hours per week and concludes with a study-related examination. The grades achieved in the individual module examinations determine the final grade.
Students take a total of 17 core modules and 11 profile modules. Two of the profile modules can be replaced by a professional internship. The Bachelor's thesis is also required. The concept of the profile modules enables you to set a wide range of self-directed priorities on the basis of a scientifically oriented basic training (in the compulsory modules).

Course of studies


1st  semester2nd semester3rd semester
Biology Introductory chemical internship Crop production
Economics & Business Administration I Biochemistry I Plant Nutrition
Mathematics and Statistics Bioeconomy


Basics of ecology and soil science Natural Products Research Insects as a source of protein
Genetics Bioresources Breeding for renewable resources and bioenergy
4th semester5th semester6th semester
Sustainability Communication Profile module 4 Profile module 9
Renewable raw materials Profile module 5 Profile module 10
Profile module 1 Profile module 6

Profile module 11

Profile module 2 Profile module 7 Bachelor's thesis
Profile module 3 Profile module 8 Bachelor's thesis


Bachelor's thesis

Almost half of the working time of the sixth semester is devoted to the preparation of the Bachelor's thesis. In the Bachelor's thesis, you should be able to prove that you can independently prepare a scientific paper within a limited period of time.


Possible focus areas

The following areas could, for example, be considered for deeper research:

  • Resource use, environmental protection and policy
  • Plant breeding and climate change
  • Sustainable agricultural systems I
  • Lesser-used crops
  • Protein and oil plants
  • Agroforestry and mixed cultivation systems
  • Bio energy
  • Value chains in bioeconomy

Practical application

Students have the opportunity to complete a nine-week internship (12 credit points) during their studies, which will familiarise them with the realities of the job and encourage them to individually design their further studies. The Internship Office maintains a database of suitable companies and institutions.



Commencement of studies

only in the winter semester

Admission requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification (= Abitur or comparable qualification), Fachhochschule entrance qualification, master craftsman's examination, higher education entrance qualification for professionally qualified persons. More...
  • Proof of internship (pre-study internship) is not required.
  • Please note that applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification are also required to provide proof of German language skills. More...

Pre-courses for the degree programme or sub-subjects

If you are planning to study in this degree programme, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the programme of preparatory courses offered. Pre-courses are courses that help you to acquire important basic knowledge before you start studying. The classroom pre-courses are offered every winter semester, online courses are available in a flexible way.

You can find further information here.

Application / Enrolment

The intake capacity of this degree programme is not limited.
The application for the winter semester 2020/21 must be received by the Registrar's Office of the University of Giessen by September 30, 2020. Application portal

Please note that deadline extensions can be decided for degree programmes with no intake limitation. These are published in the application portal.

Different rules may apply to international applicants. More...

Please note:
This year, other application and enrolment deadlines may apply.
Please refer to this page for information on the deadlines.


Career options

Career options

Further studies at JLU

Upon successful completion of a Bachelor's degree, the following consecutive Master's programmes can be studied at JLU:

In addition, the Department 09 offers further Master's programmes.


Occupational fields

The occupational fields for graduates of the Bachelor's programme lie in the practice-oriented field of production and processing of renewable raw materials and bioresources.
There is already a high demand for specialists in a sustainable bioeconomy. Career entry is possible either directly after completion of the Bachelor's programme or after completing a Master's programme in "Crop Science" or in "Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources".

More information

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Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

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