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Murad Nasibov



Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Karl-Glöckner-Straße 21E

35394 Gießen


Philosophikum II Raum E217a

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Philosophikum II Raum E201

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Fax: 0641 99–23119




Doctoral Candidate, Institute of Political Science, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen (started 2018) (Dissertation thesis: Civil Society Within Authoritarian Regimes: Cases of Russia and Turkey)

Master of Arts in Political Science, European Politics and Policy-Making Pathway, the University of Manchester, 2011 (To what extent is the EU an effective conflict resolution actor? Cases of Macedonian and Georgian conflicts)

Bachelor in International Relations, Academy of Public Administration under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2010 (Past and Prospects of the Palestinian Conflict)


Professionelle Erfahrung

Over 30 training, project evaluation, research & policy analysis consulting missions for business units, governmental and non-governmental organizations between 2012-2022

Country Program Manager (Azerbaijan), Caucasus Research Resource Center, 2016-2017

Program Coordinator, Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Azerbaijan, 2014-2015

Programme Coordinator, Oxfam Great Britain in Azerbaijan, 2012-2013



DAAD PhD scholarship for 2019, 2020, 2021

Open Society Foundation Civil Society Scholar Award 2016, 2017



English, Turkish, Russian, German (lower inter.), Azerbaijani (native)




  • Regional security organizations in Eurasia
  • Civil society within authoritarian regimes



SoSe 2022                   Political Analysis:  Paradigms, Perspectives and Meta-Theoretical Issues (BA

                                  Seminar), JLU Giessen


WiSe 2021/2022          Advanced Research in Politics (MA Seminar & Übung), JLU Giessen


SoSe 2021                  Teaching Assistant in: European Security Policy & International Security Policy

                                 (MA Seminar), JLU Giessen


SoSe 2020                   Teaching Assistant in: European Security Policy (MA Seminar), JLU Giessen

                                  Teaching Assistant in: Global Governance Meeting Local Governance (MA

                                  Seminar), JLU Giessen

WiSe 2019/2020          Teaching Assistant in: International Security Policy (MA Seminar), JLU Giessen

                                  Teaching Assistant in: Comparing Democracies and Autocracies (MA Seminar), JLU


WiSe 2018                  Civil Society in European Comparison (BA Seminar), JLU Giessen


Spring, 2015               Introduction Cross-cultural Studies (BA Seminar), Khazar University (Baku)


Autumn, 2014             Foundations of Security Studies (BA Seminar), Khazar University (Baku)


Autumn, 2012             Contemporary International Relations (BA Seminar), Odlar Yurdu University (Baku)

                                  Global Geopolitics (BA Seminar), Odlar Yurdu University (Baku)



Konrad L, Nasibov M, Schoeppner F, Gawrich A. (11 March 2022) Eurasian Global Policy Papers Series: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Reactions from IOs and other Key Regional Actors. Global and Regional Implications.

Nasibov M (2021) Civil Society and Pro-Democracy Social Movements: Troubled Relations Within Authoritarian Regimes?. Front. Polit. Sci. 3:708872. doi: 10.3389/fpos.2021.708872 

Nasibov M. (2021) Energy Governance in Azerbaijan. In: Knodt M., Kemmerzell J. (eds) Handbook of Energy Governance in Europe. Springer, Cham. 

OCRID: 0000-0002-7456-6176

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