Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Dr. Amit Joshi




GGL Member 2010 to 2014

Stanford University, California, USA


Portrait from Nov 07, 2017

When did you become a member of the GGL?

Member of the GGL 2010 – 2014.

What section do you belong?

I belonged to section 03: Heart, Lung and Blood Vessels.

Where do you work and what is your position?

I’m currently a PostDoc at Mochly-Rosen Lab, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University, California, USA. In my research, I focuses on the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

What part of the GGL was most helpful for your current position?

During my PhD, I did two lab rotations abroad in Switzerland and France which helped me to develop a network as well as help complete my story which was eventually published. This collaborative environment gave me an opportunity to move away from thrombosis and hemostasis which was the focus of my PhD lab to neuroscience. That helped me moving to my current position.

Do you miss something from the good old days in Gießen?

The good about Gießen is being a student town that you have so many activities to do. I miss walking/ jogging down the river during the summers and meeting up with friends to have good German beer! That’s one one thing I miss definitely, a good German beer.

When did you appreciate the help of the GGL the most?

The invitation to the alumni event (Life Science Bridges, July 2017) and to the annual conference (Sept 2017). These kind of network and relationship the GGL helps to create are highly appreciate.

Would you recommend the GGL for young doctoral researchers?

I would totally recommend people who planned to pursue a doctoral degree in Life Science to go to the GGL because it not only improves the soft skill but also help to develop a strong network across your colleagues which you never develop if you work in a one-person condition. You never develop enough friends that eventually come back and help you in life.