Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

01/08/2023 | Dr. Seyedhamidreza Mojtabavi is the new postdoc researcher in the follow-up project NUKLEUS2



After successfully acquiring a follow-up project for NUKLEUS (NUKLEUS2), Muralidhar's successor has finally been found: with Dr. Hamid Mojtabavi, we were able to recruit an experienced postdoctoral researcher who had previously worked at the University of Bremen in an H2020 project.

In his work package, he has developed a Python-based external package of the Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) for the purpose of introducing a new parameterization of the impact of debris in a mass balance model on a global scale.

For the new project, he will focus on data post-processing of high-resolution regional climate model simulations, implementing appropriate AI-based approaches for downscaling, analyzing and testing new techniques to assess the efficiency of methods for reproducing the distributional and temporal characteristics of extremes, and investigating potential risks associated with future changes in extremes.

We wish him all the best for this!