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15/03/2023 | Yanet Diáz (PhD) is the new member of the DAKI-FWS team holding a postdoctoral position in AI/ML and Climate Extremes



Yanet previously worked as a researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM-Mexico). Her research there included climate variability and synoptic climatology. A particular focus has been the influence of large-scale atmospheric patterns on weather phenomena and environmental conditions Environmental conditions at local scales. Accordingly, her main research interests include the projection of risks associated with extreme hydro-meteorological events for various of climate warming, and the assessment of the impacts of warming-related extreme events on natural and built environments. 
Based on her academic professional training and previous research experience, she has a deep understanding of climate variability and climate change climate change and natural variability modes that affect weather phenomena on intra-seasonal and inter-annual time scales. She also has experience with artificial intelligence models for various applications in atmospheric sciences. 
We wish you a good start in our project team!

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