Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

31/12/2023 | Jorge Gómez-Paredes left ZEU to Finland's Novia University of Applied Sciences


After a very successful time as SDGNexus Network Guest  Professor, the time has now come for Jorge Gómez-Paredes to take on a new professional challenge: From March 2024, he will join Finland's Novia University of Applied Sciences, as a researcher at the Faculty of Bioeconomy, to engage in team-leadership and research on a sustainable energy transition.

During his time as a visiting guest professor, he established a new course entitled “Dealing with Complexity for Sustainability Transitions”  in the lecture portfolio of faculty 09,  Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Environmental Management. Jorge  also provided the SDGNexus Network with important research input  in the areas of ecological economics and socio-ecological ethics.

He was moreover successful with a third-party funding application to the DAAD program "International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)". With this funding, he had the opportunity to  develop the “Dealing with Complexity for Sustainability Transitions” course further, in collaboration with researchers from  the University of Sydney. In this context,  professional short lecture videos were produced that will definitely improve the attractiveness and visibility of this course in the future.

ZEU thanks him for his successful achievements during his time at JLU and wishes him all the best and continued success in his new position.