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14/02/2024 | On the future of agricultural diversity and sustainability: Dr. Irina Solovieva and Nadja Kasperczyk present a vision for diverse value chains in the organic sector

The EU project  BioValue 🌱 was actively represented by two ZEU colleagues at #BioFach2024, a global trade fair for organic food in Nuremberg, Germany. We are delighted to share with you the highlights of our recent session at BioFach 2024 entitled "New crops - new opportunities for the organic sector: a vision for diverse value chains". Our session focussed on the future of agricultural diversity and sustainability.

The focus was on the results of BioValue, which were presented in two exciting keynote speeches:
🌾 From the perspective of the agricultural sector and value chains, we looked at the challenges and opportunities of greater crop diversity both in the fields and within the value chain itself.
👩‍🌾 From the consumer perspective, we presented our survey results, which show how a greater diversity of crops can arouse consumer interest and increase demand.
In the moderated discussion that followed, participants' views on new crops and products were collected. This resulted in the following points: 
🌱 Exploring optimal utilisation and recycling strategies for novel crops, paving the way for sustainable agricultural practices.
🌿 Identifying new crops that not only promote biodiversity in the fields, but also serve as pioneers for nature conservation.
🥦 Unveiling the potential of pulses such as chickpeas, beans and lentils, which were met with great enthusiasm and interest.
The full video recording of the event and detailed information on the session can be found in the BioFach congress programme at
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