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02/02/2024 | Call for a Guest Professorship Position in "Sustainable Development Goal Interactions"

The  SDGNexus Network is pleased to announce an open call for a Guest Professorship Position in "Sustainable Development Goal Interactions." The position is available for six months, starting from July 1, 2024.

An enthusiastic  and experienced individual with citizenship of an ODA recipient country and a strong academic background in sustainable development is sought. The candidate should possess an excellent Ph.D., a proven track record of peer-reviewed publications, teaching experience, and relevant work experience in the SDGnexus Network's research areas in Central Asia or Latin America. The Guest Professor will be involved in research, contribute to our teaching programs, provide guidance to our early career scientists, and actively participate in the development of third-party funding proposals.

For more information on the position and the application process, please refer the click here or visit the project website.