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09/08/2023 | ZEU member Prof. Jürg Luterbacher has been appointed to the new UN Scientific Advisory Board in his capacity as Director of the WMO Department of Science and Innovation.














The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres announced on 3 August the creation of a new Scientific Advisory Board to advise UN leaders on breakthroughs in science and technology and how to harness the benefits of these advances and mitigate potential risks.

“Scientific and technological progress can support efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – but they are also giving rise to ethical, legal and political concerns that require multilateral solutions.” Mr. Guterres said.

The Advisory Board will comprise seven eminent scholars alongside the Chief Scientists of UN System entities, the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, and the Rector of the United Nations University. The Board will be associated with a network of diverse scientific institutions from across the world.

Chief scientists from several UN organizations have been nominated to participate in this Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Juerg Luterbacher, Director of the WMO Department of Science and Innovation and member of the ZEU, is representing the World Meteorological Organization. Seven external academic experts from universities around the world are also joining this board, together with the rector of United Nations University, and the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology.

"Science-based policy as well as decision-making are key for progress and sustainable development in our rapidly evolving world and to leave none behind” said Prof. Juerg Luterbacher, Chief Scientist of WMO.
“I am deeply honoured to be part of the UN's Scientific Advisory Board and work with colleagues towards this".

Source: WMO