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Tutors' Qualification - "Practical Coaching for International Tutors"


30.04.2024 von 13:00 bis 16:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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As an instructor of a tutorial course, you have to be prepared for questions or problems that might arise, and that you cannot (or do not want to) clarify on your own. Exchanging ideas and having contact with an outsider’s perspective bear a helping hand in this case. In this live session, both new and experienced tutors present their concerns in order to find solutions for common problems and issues together. Here are some of the most common challenges and questions which tutors deal with:

  • “How should I deal with disturbances in my tutorial course?” 
  • “What can I do when nobody participates or only few show that they are engaged in the course?”
  • “How should I behave if my professional competence is questioned?”
  • “What should I do if there are significant differences in the students’ level of knowledge?”
  • “How can I evaluate fairly?“
  • “Is my approach correct?“

The live session is conducted under the guidelines of practical coaching and the method of “peer practical counselling”. This allows tutors to present and discuss certain aspects of their experiences in the tutorial courses, as well as to work on specific problem cases or take and give advice for (teaching) situations, in which they still do not feel sure of.  

A peer practical counselling session is advisable also for tutors who only have had positive experiences so far: on the one hand, tutors can take the “advisor’s role”; on the other hand, they have the possibility to develop plausible strategies for dealing with situations that might arise in the future.


Learning Goals

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Seize basic knowledge about the method of “peer practical counselling”
  • Identify problem cases within a tutorial course
  • Reflect on solutions for solving different problems and discuss them in the group
  • Find strategies for dealing with situations that may arise in the future
  • Learn to advise, and to get advice
  • Feel confident in your teaching role as a tutor


Trainer Inês Gamelas, Ph. D.
Target Group International Students/Tutors
Date 30.04.2024 01:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Registration E-Mail to (Required Information: Name, Surname, Faculty, preferred Language)
Language Diese Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache english statt. This Workshop will be held in English.