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Dr. Pratibha Singh-Rommel

Pratibha Singh-Rommel




GGL member from 2007 to 2010

CSL-Behring, Germany



Portrait from March 13 ,2018

When did you become a member of the GGL?

I was among the very first GGL batch in 2007.

 What section did you belong to in your time at the GGL?

I belonged to Section 5, Neurosciences.

 Where do you work now and in which position? Industry or university?

I’m working in Industry, CSL Behring, currently as Validation Manager.

 What part of the GGL was helpful to achieve your current position?

GGL provides various opportunities to train and hone soft skills in addition to research activities. These various soft skills (including but not limiting to Presentation skills, German language, Networking) helped me to where I am today.

 Did you enjoy being a member of the GGL? What did you like the most?

Yes, there could be no other answer to this question. I really liked interdisciplinary seminars and being one of the organizers for GGL conferences.

When you think back to the different elements of the GGL program, what helped you specifically?

Soft skills, career day events, Mentoring networks.

Would you recommend the GGL for young students, who consider obtaining a doctorate in life sciences?

Yes. In my opinion, it really helps to accumulate additional knowledge. Whether a researcher or an industry person, one needs to sell, influence people, motivate them and all this could be learned in GGL.