Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


Leon Sieke
Stochastic Real-Time Methods for Spectral Functions (Stochastische Realzeitmethoden für Spektralfunktionen)
Sieke, Leon (Sep. 2022)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Jan Metsch
A Random Function Approach to the Gribov Problem (Das Gribov Problem - Ein Zugang mittels Randomisierter Funktionen)
Metsch, Jan (Jun. 2022)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Johannes Roth
Real-Time Functional Renormalization Group for Critical Dynamics (Funktionale Renormierungsgruppe für kritische Dynamik in Realzeit)
Roth, Johannes (Mär. 2021)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Robin Kehr
The Anderson Transition in Lattice QCD with Chiral Fermions in a Mixed Action Approach (Der Anderson Übergang in der Gitter-QCD mit chiralen Fermionen in einem Mixed-Action-Zugang)
Kehr, Robin (Dez. 2021)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Mathis Ortmann
Tensor networks in strongly correlated fermionic systems (Tensor Netzwerke in stark korrelierten fermionischen Systemen)
Ortmann, Mathis (Sep. 2021)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Stephan Hagel
Meson spectrum from functional methods beyond rainbow ladder
Hagel, Stephan (Dez. 2020)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Christopher Busch
Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Thermodynamics Beyond Local Potential Approximation
Busch, Christopher (Nov. 2019)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer

Philipp Steinbrecher
Phase Diagram of the Quark-Menson Model Beyond Leading Order Derivative Expansion
Steinberecher, Philipp (Sep. 2019)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Milad Ghanbarpour
Holomorphic Gradient Flow and Lefschetz Thimbles in Strongly Correlated Fermionic Systems
Ghanbarpour, Milad (Nov. 2018)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Robin, Lautenbacher
Trans-Series Expansions and Lefschetz Thimbles
Lautenbacher, Robin (Apr. 2018)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Benjamin Bürger
Curvature dependence of quantum gravity
Bürger, Benjamin (Sep. 2018)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer 

Dominik Schweitzer
Critical Behaviour of a Classical Statistical Field Theory
Schweitzer, Dominik (2018)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Konstantin Otto
High Density Fluctuations in Neutron Stars
Otto, B.Sc. Konstantin (Nov. 2017)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer 

Jan Mühlhans
Callan-Symanzik Equation for a Quark-Meson-Model truncation
Mühlhans, B.Sc. Jan (Nov. 2017)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer 

Nico Gideon Santowsky
Bound States of Quarks and Antiquarks in the Bethe-Salpeter Formalism
Santowsky, Nico Gideon [StEx]  (Jun. 2017)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Pascal Gunkel
Quarks and Pions at finite chemical potential
Gunkel, B.Sc. Pascal (Mrz. 2017)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Jonas Wilhelm
Lattice Simulations of two-color QCD at finite density
Wilhelm, B.Sc. Jonas (Aug. 2016)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Simon Resch
Mass Sensitivity of the QCD Phase Structure
Resch, B.Sc. Simon (Aug. 2016)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer 

Katja Kleeberg
Instantaneous Coulomb Interactions of Fermions on Graphene's Honeycomb Lattice
Kleeberg, B.Sc. Katja (Aug. 2015)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Eduard Seifert
Phasespace dynamics of strongly interacting Bose systems
Seifert, B.Sc. Eduard (Sep. 2014)
Advisor: W. Cassing

Jan Haas
Pion-Loop Contribution to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon
Haas, B.Sc. Jan (Oct. 2013)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Niklas Müller
Landau Gauge Quark Propagator with External Magnetic Fields
Müller, Niklas (Sep. 2013)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Thorsten Steinert
Elektrische und magnetische Eigenschaften heißer partonischer Materie
Steinert, Thorsten (Sep. 2013)
Advisor: W. Cassing

Christian Andreas Welzbacher
Quark spectral functions at finite temperature in a Dyson-Schwinger approach

, B.Sc. Christian Andreas (Sep. 2012)
Advisor: C. Fischer

Anika Obermann
Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions in Nuclear Matter
Obermann, Anika (Sep. 2011)
Advisor: H. Lenske

Jan Fokken
Instanton effects in the context of a generalised sigma-model
okken, Jan (Aug. 2011)
Advisor: H. Lenske

Walter Heupel
Tetraquark bound states in a Bethe-Salpeter approach
Heupel, Walter (Sep. 2011)
Advisor: C. Fischer


Diploma Theses (until 2010)