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ECM Workshop: "How to turn an idea into a functioning business" - register now!

How many times have you been in a situation where people have told you, "That's a great idea, you should make it a reality". Of course that is easier said than done. This workshop provides first-hand insights from experts and local founders that help you to turn your own idea into a functioning business.

"How to turn an idea into a functioning business" is a workshop that takes a deep dive into what it takes to turn innovations into businesses. It provides knowledge, tools and the chance to connect with entrepreneurs and institutions that support startups in the region of Central Hesse. Additionally, you get an overview on the residency regulations you have to consider as an international student or graduate when starting your own business.

The workshop is a cooperation project of ECM, the startup center at JLU, the International Office and the department Career Services at ZfbK. It will be held in English and includes lectures, interactive parts and Q&As.


Startup Insights: Experiences & lessons learned
Speaker: Fabiola Neitzel, JLU graduate (Insect Biotechnology) and founder of PROMBYX

Insect biologist Fabiola Neitzel did it. After getting her master’s degree at JLU in 2020, she founded her own business this year, called PROMBYX. PROMBYX processes silkworm pupae, a so far hardly used by-product of silk production in India, as a protein source for pet food producers. The young entrepreneur began to develope the idea as part of an international team almost two years ago. On her path to self-employment, she achieved successes like winning scholorships but also faced various challenges regarding finance, food law and building a team.

Fabiola Neitzel will share her experiences and lessons learned with the participants in a Q&A.

From idea to business plan: A feasibility analysis

Speaker: Prof. PhD. Monika Schuhmacher, director of the JLU startup center ECM and professor at the Department of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management

To build a business, it takes more than an idea and a concept. The key question is, „Does it even make sense what I designed on paper?“

Prof. Phd. Monika Schuhmacher will introduce participants to market research and especially to a feasibility analysis of a business idea. Designing a business effectively requires knowledge of key aspects with regard to the industry-, target market-, product-, organizational and financial  feasibility based on secondary and primary research (e.g. quantitative and qualitative). These different aspects will be discussed to move the business idea further and to be able to design a business model and plan the business accordingly. The goal is to minimise the risk and to increase your business' chances of success.

The lecture is combined with interactive parts.

Legal regulations for foreigners opening a business in Germany
Speaker: Gabriele Lieser, Foreigners Authority (Ausländerbehörde) Gießen


Open to all students, doctoral candidates, alumni and employess of University Giessen! Registration via StudIP (max. 50 participants)

The event takes place as online seminar. Please register for it in Stud.IP. All participants will receive the link to the online seminar via Cisco Webex one day before. General information on the use of Cisco Webex can be found on the following Page.