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General functions, e.g. the Gender Equality Officer or the Curriculum Coordination; student affairs and teaching, e.g. module responsibilities or internship coordination; and studying abroad affairs, e.g. Erasmus, are mentored by individual members of the department. The respective drop-down menu provides a list of the individual responsibilities. In case of doubt, please contact the administrative office.

Library Commissioner Fabian A. Schöppner
ECPR Commissioner Sandra Schwindenhammer
First Aid Niklas Ferch , Mechthild LaMonica , Elke Müller
Faculty Council Regina Kreide ; Simon Rothers (Deputy)
Student Representatives Simon Lenz, Anna Kömpel, Emely Green, Patrick Muntean
G ender Equality Commissoner Sophie Schmitt ; Marie Reusch
Executive Director Regina Kreide
F aculty’s Equality Committee N.N.
Hochschulinformationstage (HIT)
(University Information Days)
Andreas Mix
Department website Niklas Ferch, Simon Rothers
Non-professorial teaching staff Commissioners Ina Daßbach, Lea Konrad, Niklas Ferch; Johannes Diesing (Deputy)
Plagiarism Commissioner Dorothée de Nève
Internship Committee Dorothée de Nève , Lea Konrad ; Simone Abendschön (Deputy)
Doctorate Committee Dorothée de Nève , Regina Kreide (Deputy); Niklas Ferch (Deputy)
QSL Committee Dorothée de Nève (Deputy)
Security Commissioner Ina Daßbach
Staffing Committee Simone Abendschön ; Dorothée de Nève ; Sophie Schmitt ; N.N.