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Frequently addressed topics

Please note: Some pages are only available in German. For translation you may use the Google Chrome browser here


Additional modules (information for participation in modules more than those required by the programme)

Application (information for students who are planning to apply for their studies in the Faculty 09 of Justus-Liebig University)

Application for the final certificate (application for certificate documents in the end of your studies when you have passed all the required examinations and thesis)

Advices for arrival in Giessen (also please see travelling to Giessen and Giessen)

Accommodation (on the faculty 09 webpage) or Accommodation (on the central JLU webpage)

Assessment Centre (to prepare yourself for your professional life; At the faculty 06  students can experience a test situation in an Assessment Centre in the same way as companies use it. This is a perfect chance to identify one's own professional strengths and weaknesses)


Bank account   


Campus live (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Career Services of the faculty 09 (links, addresses, seminars for starting a career/finding a job after graduation)

Chipcard - all functions (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Copying, printing, scanning in the libraries of JLU

Corona regulations

Core module plans

Corona free attempt

Counselling (Contact information of the study coordinators, examination office, degree programme directors, Student's Union Advice Service, hotline "Call Justus", Student's Guidance Center, International office)

Courses of other faculties (regulations for students if they want to participate in the courses of other faculties)

Change of the study programme


Deadlines and dates (examination dates and periods, semester dates, graduation ceremony)

Degree Programmes, MSc. (Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology, Transition Management, Sustainable Transition)

Deanery of the faculty 09

Degree programme directores of the Faculty 09 (contact details of the degree programme directors of the master programmes Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology, Sustainable Transition, Transition Management)

Doctorate Faculty 09 (information for doctoral candidates)

Discounts for students (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)



English for Academic Purposes


Erasmus information sheet

examinations, see registration for examinations

Examination Office

Examination Regulations or here

Extracurricular activities (offers from Campus Sport Association (AHS), JLU's University Orchestra, AEGEE Giessen, The World University Service etc.)


Financing the studies (financial support/scholarships)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


get together for international students (organized by the international office)

German courses (Registration, placement test, costs, contact information)


Living in Giessen (interactive magazine) and Tips for living in Giessen (official page of the City Hall Giessen available in many languages. Please choose the language on top of the website or use Google Chrome browser here)

Graduation ceremony

Grading system in Germany

Good to know - interesting information about public holidays, electricity, winter time, summer time in Germany

Guidelines for TM and IBB


Health insurance

Hotline Call Justus (unfortunately information only in German, use Google Chrome browser here)


international calender (events for international students, organized by the international office)

Internship (information for students who want to do an internship)

Information packages for new students about studying at JLU 


Lokal International - International Meeting Centre and Cafeteria or here (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Library (online library system, information on library use, access to e-resources, seat reservation)

limited modules > see profile module plan in FlexNow



Master Introduction Days Faculty 09

Master Introduction

Master's thesis (all information about writing, submission, registration and deadlines)

Medical treatment and emergency calls or information of the municipal hall Giessen

Mensa (Student restaurants/cafeterias - information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Module registration

Module registration THM

Modules, module directories


Plagiarism and Fraud

Profile Module Plan

Psychological consultation 



Question Monday (event for international students; student tutors answer all sorts of questions around studying at JLU and living in Giessen)



Recognition of Academic Achievements

Registration for examinations

Repetition of Exams

Residence permit 

Relevant Bachelor Programmes for MSc. application


Semester contribution (administrative fees to be paid by the students for the studies in the beginning of each semester)


Semesterticket: getting around in Giessen

Social media (webpages of our university on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYouTube)

Sports (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here

Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs - DSW)

Student's Union (AStA) (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Student ID card or here

Student Chip Card - description of the fields of use (information only in German)

Study Deanery

Study at Faculty 09 (Information about Faculty 09)

StudIP > module registration via StudIP 

Studying with a child (information is available only in German - Google Chrome browser here)

Studying with a disability/chronic illness (information is available only in German -  Google Chrome browser here)



Term Dates





Vaccination (Important information for international students and doctoral candidates on studying in presence in the winter semester 2021/22)

Vaccination possibilities  (vaccination days offered by JLU )