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German culinary texts 1350-1800/Recipes

Dumplings of fishes. From: Anno Christy 1609 in Nürnberg. Ein schön künstlich Kochbüchlein von vielen vnd manchen Richten.

The present manuscript was part of the famous collection of cookery books of Erna Horn and Julius Arndt (see the catalogue of part of the collection: "Schöne alte Kochbücher" 1982). The manuscript and the whole Horn/Arndt collection is now asserved in the Passau "Glasmuseum" of Georg Höltl. I was told by the Passau administration, that those books and manuscripts could be used for studies. Prior notice is required:

Rotel Tours / Georg Höltl -- D 94100 Tittling-Passau -- Phone (++49) 8504 / 404-0 (Fax 4926)

In 1985, Tupperware Germany made a facsimile edition of the manuscript, which I used for my transcription. Here is recipe number 15: dumplings of fishes.

Knödlein von Fischen Zumachen.

Erstlichen seudt die fisch, wie sie sein sollen, glaub die gräd dauon, hackh den fisch Clein Vnd würtz in nach deinem gefallen, gilbs vnd welchers in einem melb vmb, Legs in ein haiss schmaltz, vnd bachs einwenig vnd mach ein Brühlein mit wein, Trisanet thu auch daran, gilbs auch, es ist guth ./.

Dumplings of fishes

First you have to boil the fishes the way they should be, then pull out the fish-bones, and hash the fish to little pieces. Spice it as you like it, make it yellow (i.e. add saffron) and turn it about in flour. Put it into hot dripping and bake it not to keenly. Prepare a winesauce, add trisanet (a mixture of many spices) and saffron. Then the dish is accomplished.