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The Vertues of Chocolate / The Properties of Cavee (1660)

The Vertues of Chocolate / The Properties of Cavee [Oxford: Henry Hall 1660]
-- Digital version: Janet Clarkson (Australia), Thomas Gloning (Germany), 15.7.2003
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East-India Drink.

BY this pleasing drink health is preserved,
sicknesse diverted, It cures Consumptions
and Cough of the Lungs; it expells
poyson, cleanseth the teeth, and sweetneth
the Breath; provoketh Urine; cureth
the stone and strangury, maketh Fatt and
Corpulent, faire and aimeable, it cureth the
running of the Reins, with sundry other
desperate Diseases; It causeth Conception
according to these Verses,

Nor need the Women longer grieve,
Who spend their oyle yet not Conceive,
For 'tis a Help Immediate,
If such but Lick of Chocolate

Beauty gaind and continued, as this verse

The Nut-Browne Lasses of the Land,
Whom Nature vail'd in Face and hand,
Are quickly Beauties of High-Rate,
By one small Draught of Chocolate

It is impossible to innumerate all new and
admirable effects then producing every day
in such as drink it, therefore I'le leave the
Judgement of it, to those who daily make a
continuall proofe of it.



Egipt Drink.

IT perfectly cureth the Consumption,
Gout, Spleen, Dropsie, sore eyes, and all
that are troubled with Rheumes, it immediately
taketh away the Head-ach, it procureth
appetite, and helps Digestion; and for
Students or others who are to sit up late, or
all Night, they drinking about two or three
pennyworth of it, about their usuall time of
going to bed, or when they begin to grow
sleepy and drowsie, it will cheare and comfort
their spirits, and make them lively, and
fit for their imployment, an have no drowsinesse
to come upon them all night after, it
is incomparable good for those that are
troubled with Melancholy, and excellent to
keep Women from miscarrying, and very
good for them that never had Children; It is
also excellent to kill Wormes in young or
old, to dry all manner of Tetters, Ringwormes,
or any other evills, the stemme of
it is good against dim, watery or bloudshed
Eyes; It would be too tedious to Nominate
every thing it is good for, therefore I


These drinks are to be sold by James Gough at M. Sury's neare East gate.